Thursday, 30 June 2016

My 18th Birthday, My thoughts on Burger & Lobster, Birthday blues

Birthday makeup

I decided on a smoky eye look for my birthday as I thought you don't get any more bold than a smoky eye, (well unless you did a smoky eye look with glitter of course). I've always been terrified of looking like a panda and so avoided dark eye looks like the plague, however with lots of blending and a gradual build up of colour from light transition shade to dark lid a smoky eye can be completely wearable!  For the eye look I used a new palette of mine which is the Gorgeous palette by OPV cosmetics. The 2 right rows of the palette are completely identical to Morphe's highly sought after 35O, which due to the ridiculously high shipping costs I refused to buy. For this look I used the palettes light orange shade, darker orange shade and brown shade in my crease. I then placed the black on my lid, -which I must say was very pigmented-. I then profusely blended the edges of the black until I was happy with the result.
I decided to pair this with a nude lip as the eye look is so bold I didn't want to distract away from it with a bold lip.
For my base makeup I used my go to Estee Lauder Double Wear as it helps to keep the shine away and it stays in place, which can be a battle as I have extremely oily skin. Under my eyes I used LA Pro Girl Concealer to highlight. I used Sleek's Contour Kit to sculpt with the Real Techniques contour brush. I then highlighted my cheekbones and bridge of my nose with Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Global Glow'.
The look:

The day

My 18th birthday fell on Thursday 16th June 2016. I have never been much of a 'birthday person', however the weeks preceding my birthday were quite exciting this time around -probably because I would finally be able to drink alcohol (legally). 
On the day of my birthday I had an A Level Biology exam which did put a slight dampner on the day, and although the exam went slightly atrociously, I decided what was done is done and I still wanted to enjoy my day. After my exam I went to Burger and Lobster in St Johns Street, Farringdon with my family to celebrate the way I know best; stuffing my face.
Me and my sister couldn't decide whether to get a burger or a whole lobster so we ordered both and had half of both each. I must say I was slightly disappointed with the food, the burger was OK but the lobster tasted slightly overcooked. However, the staff were lovely and I got a free dessert as it was my birthday, free food is always a nice touch!

My first legal drink

Birthday Blues

Birthdays are a bizarre thing. For those lucky enough to be surrounded by loved ones they can be a happy time where the individual is made to feel important and appreciated through lots of attention, gifts and other acts of love; however for others, even if they aren't alone birthdays can be very lonely and quite sad. I believe this is because -like Christmas and other holidays- there is so much build up and momentum to the day which leads to us sometimes having unrealistically high expectations. We expect everyone to go out of their way for us but unfortunately this doesn't usually happen in the real world because people have their own lives to live. Because of this, when your birthday finally comes, if it is not what we expected and we are left underwhelmed which can be shattering. This year on my birthday I had a brief 10 minutes of this feeling, but I thought to myself how lucky I am to have the things I do have in my life and I tried to focus on the positives I have experienced , felt and achieved in my 18 years of life as opposed to the negatives. To anyone who is dreading an oncoming birthday, I would suggest if possible to preoccupy yourself and try to keep busy for the whole day so you don't have time to dwell on things, in addition to this you should treat yourself because although you may not be able to rely on others to treat you like a king or queen for the day you can always do this for yourself.

Thank you for reading, 
Chantel x

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