Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My natural hair transition tips

Transitioning from chemically altered hair back to your own natural hair state can be a very empowering process, but it can also be extremely difficult as I have found out from my own transitioning experience. As of October 10th 2015, I stopped relaxing my hair. Before this I had tried to make this change on numerous occasions but buckled around the 3 month mark due to not knowing how to style my hair, however this is the longest I've ever transitioned and I am hoping to big chop in around 3 months time. In this post I am going to share some tricks that have helped me during my transition.

 - detangling in the shower, when your hair is saturated with conditioner will make detangling much easier as your hair will have slip and your fingers or comb will be able to slide through it much more easily. Matting and knots have been the most frustrating part of transitioning for me but when I started finger detangling in the shower, I had far fewer knots and tangles. For more stubborn knots, I like to use a wide tooth shower comb to detangle.
- The less you have to style your hair during transitioning, the better. The line of demarcation (the point where your relaxed hair and natural hair meets) is especially susceptible to breakage and so excessive combing, and styling will eventually lead to your relaxed hair breaking off which defeats the purpose of transitioning.
My favourite protective styles during my transition have been:
Box braids
Buns, buns, buns
Full head weave with closure
- A balance between moisture and protein in your routine is always important, but even more so during the transition to natural hair when your hair is particularly weak. For a light protein treatment I like to use ORS Hair Mayonnaise and for a moisturising deep conditioner I like to use Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration Intensive Mask.

- Last but certainly not least, being patient with my hair has helped me greatly. Although it can be tempting to compare your hair growth, type and texture to other naturals this can make the transitioning process even more painstaking than it has to be. Everyone's hair grows at different rates and this is something that you cannot really change so its easiest just to accept, love and embrace your new growth however kinky, curly or coily it may be and the journey will fly by!

Happy transitioning :) 
Chantel x

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